Spanx You Very Much

I worked most of the weekend, so nothing exciting to report again. I was quite proud of myself on Saturday because we had a work event Friday night, but I still managed to get up early to get my oil changed, go to Orange Theory, and do my grocery shopping all before 10 am. Adulthood: It’s the little things.

I got a long nap under my weighted blanket on both days, and managed to watch several episodes of Downton Abbey while eating cookies. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it depression? Lethargy? General apathy toward humanity? HARD TO SAY, but I am committed to my blanket and cookie lifestyle. 

Also, I never put together that Sir Richard Carlisle is JORAH THE EXPLORER. If I was not watching these shows at the same time, then I don’t think I would have ever realized it. He’s much more handsome when he’s not creeping after the Khaleesi.

We have our big fundraising gala on Friday night and everyone I work with is exercising and eating super healthy so they fit into their fancy clothes, but I mostly just ate Thin Mints all weekend. I did make it to Orange Theory both days, so I am doing my part as well.

I am very deep into a not caring about anything mindset right now, but as long as I can get my Spanx on, then I will call it good. I have about 27 borrowed and rented dress options ready to go, so something is bound to fit, right?

Life: It’s still happening.

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