Sole of the River

After work on Friday, Sari and I drove south to spend the weekend camping at Big Sur. After doing a lot of research, I reserved a campsite in Limekiln State Park. We arrived just after 11 p.m. and got to work setting up our tents. I have never set up a tent by myself, much less in the dark, but it was far easier than I could have ever imagined. I remember my dad putting up our tent as kids and it seemed like it took one hundred years to put together the poles, then to snake them through the lining of the tent. I am thrilled to see that things have improved. I got the Passage 2 tent from REI and it was so easy an actual idiot (me!) could put it up. It’s a two-person tent, and while the likelihood of another person ever sharing a tent with me is looking like never, I bought it for the extra space because CLAUSTROPHOBIA.

We both brought twin-sized air mattress (also a good reason for the two-person tent as a tent for one wouldn’t fit one) and I excitedly pulled out my pump while Sari started blowing hers up with her mouth. Much to my great dismay, I realized that I had not checked the pump before we left the house and it was dead. So, I also had to blow up my air mattress myself. I honestly didn’t think I could do it, but I persisted. Sari was in her tent asleep in about seven minutes, but I had packed like a moron and had to keep getting up to get things out of the car. And it took me what felt like 37 years to get that damn mattress blown up. I finally fell asleep around 1. We woke up bright and early the next morning to a gorgeous view.

IMG 7501

We reserved one of the ocean front spots, and it was awesome. The sound of the water thundering all night was an unexpected joy, and the view in the morning was spectacular. Another benefit to this campground is that there were only 12 spots in our area, so it was quiet and uncrowded. You can also reserve campsites that are farther back in the redwoods. I highly recommend the Limekiln campground if you’re every going to Big Sur. There was a bathroom and shower that they cleaned every morning which was nice. I think ocean front campsite 2 is the best (we were in six) because you’re closest to the water and furthest from the people.

IMG 7651

After eating cereal, we walked to the back of the campground to take the very short Limekiln Trail to see a waterfall. The trail took us through redwoods and by a small creek with crystal clear water. It was beautiful and there wasn’t another soul around.

DSC 0336DSC 0340DSC 0343DSC 0344

DSC 0352IMG 7544

While we were at the waterfall, Sari looked down and said seriously “there’s a soul in the river.” I was just thinking about how she had become too Californian and I needed to emergency evacuate her back to Texas for conversion therapy when she hopped over a rock and grabbed an actual sole of a shoe out of the river. She proudly held it up (ew) and declared that “The river has no sole now!”

IMG 7552

She’s a strange child. After the waterfall, we walked down another trail to see the lime kilns where they used to process the lime out of rocks. They were completely creepy and looked like a great spot for murder most foul.

DSC 0358DSC 0355

We didn’t hang around there long, but we greatly enjoyed our walk back through the redwood grove.

DSC 0363

DSC 0365

The rest of the day tomorrow. Prepare yourself for majestic beaches and cliffs!

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