So Nice We Went Twice

On Thursday, we left Banff and drove down south on the western side of the park back to Glacier National Park. It was a beautiful drive.

We spent the night at the West Glacier KOA and it was AMAZING. I’ve never been to a KOA resort and it was fancy. They had a nice pool, wifi, a restaurant, and a full store. So, if you are looking for a place to camp and cannot get a spot in the park, check that place out. It would be an especially awesome spot for people with kids.

IMG 2473

We camped in our tents, and woke up around 5:30 because there is SO MUCH SUN in the morning. It was a good thing in the end because we were able to get on the Going-to-the-Sun Road before it got too crazy. This time we started on the western side at Lake McDonald, and it was wonderful to see it so calm that early in the morning.

DSC 0454
DSC 0448
We stopped into the lodge which was a super cute Swiss chalet style. I love lodges!

IMG 2482

There were also a bunch of cute ground squirrels darting about (I think?).

DSC 0444

We kept working our way up the western side of the road and we made it to Logan Pass just before 9. It was PACKED, so we kept moving.

DSC 0460

We saw some bighorn sheep too! And my apologies because this picture is a bit blurry, but I took it while we were driving.

DSC 0466

We also stopped again at Saint Mary’s Lake which looked so different with calm waters.

DSC 0483DSC 0476

We worked our way back to East Glacier so that we could see the lodge there. The interior features huge logs from Douglas Firs which was really neat to see.

IMG 2678

We had lunch in town, then drove back across the road. It was so gorgeous in the sunshine. I felt like I was in Bavaria.

DSC 0490

DSC 0493DSC 0510DSC 0504

IMG 2755

We also got a view of cars going through the Weeping Wall of waterfalls spilling onto the road.

DSC 0503DSC 0515DSC 0524

We left Glacier just before dinner and went to see Polebridge, MT. Our friend Jenifer’s family owns a cabin in that area, and we wanted to see where they went every summer. It was super cute and I had a WONDERFUL huckleberry bear claw.

IMG 2474IMG 2774

On a super serious note that feels a bit awkward, it felt especially meaningful to be in the area because this week marked four years since we lost Caroline, and her family spread her ashes in the area. It made my heart happy to be in places she had been and to know she is resting in such a beautiful and wild area that has such special meaning for her family. The pain of her loss has never left, but I hope I never stop missing her as much as I have these past years. It still feels so impossible that she is gone.

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