My friend Enid received free tickets to watch the PBR rodeo in a suite on Friday night, so naturally she invited her favorite Texan.

I have not been to any sort of rodeo in probably 10 years, and I have certainly not been to one like this. It was a SHOW. There was fire, pyrotechnics, and rap music. I guess I have only been to low-rent small town bull riding productions. 

We also learned that American freestyle bullfighting is a thing, so that was something (they jump over the bulls!!). I did enjoy watching the bulls chase those boys around which provided some fun schadenfreude. Enid had a hard time watching.

I honestly cannot believe that bull riding still exists as a sport. And, yes, bull riders do get CTE.  I went to Orange Theory on Saturday, then spent the afternoon cleaning and doing some writing for work. That evening, Sari and I met up with Tracy and Matt at Track 7 Brewing.

We had a fantastic time hanging out and playing dominoes. I actually probably had too much of a good time because I went to bed in the sweater I was wearing which is super strange. I am surprised I did not overheat and die. Unsurprisingly, I did not make my Sunday morning Orange Theory class because I felt like DEATH. Ugh getting older sucks.


I watched the season finale of Outlander (this season SUCKED) in the morning, then met my boss at work in the afternoon. We spent seven hours going through mail and signing things. Things have been so busy and we were super behind, so I am greatly relieved to be caught up on that stuff at least. And then I went home and was in bed by 8 pm because this is my life now.

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