Rainbow City

We woke up early in Pocatello, then started our four hour drive up to Bozeman to pick Sari up at the airport. She didn’t have enough vacation to ride up or back with me, so she had to fly in. On our way, we stopped at Mesa Falls in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. We wanted to stop at a potato museum, but it was not open yet, so majestic waterfall it was.

DSC 0824
DSC 0827
DSC 0828

We only spent one night in Idaho, and I had no idea what to expect, but I cannot wait to go back now. We could not believe how much water there was everywhere and they were watering their fields like crazy. There was so much water pressure! My dad was super jealous of the wealth of water. I hope the people of Idaho appreciate their water flow situation. I definitely need to plan a trip there. I do not know how I was so unaware of this treasure!

As we worked our way north, we stopped in Ennis, Montana which is my boss’s hometown. It was so gorgeous and very cool to finally see the place he has talked about so often.

IMG 1062

We picked Sari up in Bozeman just after lunch, then drove north to East Glacier Park Village for the night.

DSC 0858

IMG 1103

We stayed at the Whistling Swan and it was old, but cute and clean. And also not $500. Win!

IMG 1112 1

We drove into the eastern side of Glacier National Park to start our day on Saturday and we were greeted with a huge rainbow!

IMG 1124
DSC 0864

Our first destination was at Two Medicine Lake. One of our high school friends works there in the summers and we hoped to stop in and surprise her, but she was out hiking. So, we left her a note and are going to try to meet up with her again later in the week. And even though it was windy and raining, the lake was breathtaking.

DSC 0872

As we drove out, we saw more rainbow!

DSC 0873

In case you are not sure, I was delighted! The rest of our day tomorrow because there are way too many gorgeous pictures to share!

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