Plant-Based Monday: Delicata Squash

Hands up if you’ve ever used delicata squash before? This Plant-Based Monday we’re talking delicata squash because it seems to be the forgotten child of the winter squash family.

Delicata squash is a round, cylinder shaped gourd that is yellow or cream colored with long, green stripes. The inside looks similar to other winter squashes with soft guts and seeds that can be removed. (Remember to keep those seeds for roasting to top on salads and other dishes!) The delicata squash is also known as the sweet potato squash, peanut squash, or Bohemian squash. It is a great source of vitamin A and vitamin C and also a good source of potassium, manganese, and fiber.

Fun fact: Delicata squash is native to the Americas and was truly a hit around the 1920’s. You may not be familiar to it due to it’s disappearance from the limelight because of it’s disease susceptibility and shorter shelf life. These things make it difficult to transport the squash throughout the country. 

Delicata squash is sweeter in taste, similar to sweet potato or corn. It has a soft, creamy texture and a sweet smell as well. It is the perfect addition to many recipes and also stands well on its own. Try it out in recipes like these:

We love this veg as a side or in salads, bowls, and soups! Do you have any go-to delicata squash recipes? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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