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In brighter news, we got moved this weekend! I normally prefer to move on a Saturday, but the moving company I wanted to use was all booked up that day. Moving on Sunday ended up being better because we were able to spend Saturday finishing up packing and moved about seven carloads of stuff over. I was able to get my closet and bathroom together on Saturday which is all I need to get to work. We also moved the pets over which is always a special journey. Freida peed in her carrier, then proceeded to angrily flop around in it. Alan acted as if he had been kidnapped by ISIS and was screaming his head off. The poodle proceeded to eat weird things (like a rubber bracelet and an unused paper towel), then vomited multiple times which was great. Pets are such blessed creatures.

I have typically hired two movers to move all of our junk, but after my last move that took NINE HOURS, I have reconsidered that decision. This time, I hired three guys and it was amazing! I never fully realized that one person has to stay in the truck arranging things, so when you only have two movers that just means one person is loading and unloading. I also help with carrying things out and in, but I cannot do the same work as someone who is 20 and athletic.

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With three guys, they moved everything out of our apartment and into our house in three hours. THREE HOURS. I was so happy I could have died. They movers were super nice young men who worked hard. Sari and I ended up just having to hide in the kitchen to get out of their way at several points because they were moving so quickly. The move was so fast that it was $700 less than I had budgeted, and I was able to give the guys a nice big tip because I was feeling flush from the saved time and money.

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I took Monday off so I could unpack, and I am so glad I did because I was exhausted. I got the kitchen and the living room unpacked and organized which felt like a major accomplishment.

After my mom’s dad died when I was little, my Mamaw remarried to a very nice man who had an extraordinary talent for woodworking. One year, he made a beautiful bookcase for us, and it is something I treasure greatly. When we move, I take apart the shelves on our bookcase and wrap everything with blankets and bubble wrap because I am so afraid of damaging it. I put the pieces to hold the shelves in a baggie inside of a drawer so I would not lose them.

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Sure enough, I cannot find them anywhere, so I took a little trip to Home Depot. I had no idea what they were called, and I said “little shelf holder thingies” about 47 times to a guy in an orange apron and I think he thought I was high. I just kept making a pinching motion and saying “LITTLE SHELF THINGIES.” He eventually walked me over to the shelving section where we looked through everything until we found them. They are called shelf clips. SHELF CLIPS. They couldn’t have a more obvious name. I felt like an idiot, but I have them now and no longer care.

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