WTF Wednesday

June 13, 2018 krisgets1 0

On Sunday I was watching TV when I hear “F*CKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK” coming from outside. Alarmed, I went to the look out our glass doors […]

Where We Shop For Food

June 13, 2018 krisgets1 0

Being registered dietitians, we are constantly talking food. In this episode of the Food Heaven Podcast, we’re taking a fun twist and talking about where […]

Desolation Wilderness

June 12, 2018 krisgets1 0

Desolation Wilderness – the beautiful wilderness of the Lake Tahoe Basin and the name of my upcoming autobiography. Anyway, I spent Friday night at Fallen Leaf Campground […]

10 Thing Friday

June 8, 2018 krisgets1 0

1. Ocean’s 8 is out!!!!! 2. Last week, the New York Times covered Sacramento for their “36 Hours In” series. I need to get out more, […]