One Two Cosmetics’ Full Lashes Are Crazy and I Love Them

I spent years of my life longing for lashes long enough and thick enough to flirtatiously bat at cute waiters. (I’m not sure what I think I’ll get by doing this — a free dessert maybe?) But the sad fact is — I just look like a fool if I try to bat my lashes.  

My lashes are, well, not all that. They’re thin and stick straight. Without a curling iron and three coats of volumizing mascara — they’re practically non-existent. And if I ever try batting them? The effect is less “flirtatious” and more “eI think I have something caught in my eye.” 

In other words — no free desserts for me.  

I’d settled for my less-than-stellar eyelash lot in life. After all — there’s more to life than perfecting a doe-eyed look, right? 


My sister turned me on to lash extensions a couple years ago and I dove in head-first. No more three eyelash curlers and three coats of volumizing mascara. I was thrilled to finally have a thick fringe of totally battable lashes framing my eyes.  I almost didn’t mind the hours spent at eyelash extension sessions.  

Unfortunately — my wallet did seem to mind. Spending a couple hundred bucks every four weeks meant cutting back in other places. Like pedicures. Not ideal. 

Worst of all — my natural lashes seemed to mind even more than my wallet. I took (what I thought would be) a brief break from those time and money-consuming extension sessions. I had a slight inkling that perhaps these extensions weren’t great for my lashes and I figured a little recovery time might be good.  

It turns out I needed more than a little recovery time. I needed to give up the habit. My already subpar lashes were worse off than when I’d started. I even compared pictures of myself pre-extension habit with current post-extension habit and yep: my lashes were definitely thinner and sadder than when I started.  

Sigh. I settled for less-than-stellar lashes yet again. 

But when I heard about the new magnetic eyelash extension phenomenon courtesy of One Two Cosmetics — I was intrigued. Magnets? No glue? Reusable? Could this be the answer too my eyelash woes? Given my previous eyelash damage and dashed hopes — I was admittedly wary. After all —  things that seem to be too good to be true usually are too good to be true, right? 

Wrong again.  

There are two options: One Two Lash and the new One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes. The former is the original lash, which covers half of your lash line. The latter goes across your entire lash line. 

one two cosmetics full lashes

These babies really amp up your lash game — without costly extension sessions or the risk of putting all that sticky, messy, chemical glue so close to your delicate natural lashes — and even more delicate eyeball area. And they look really great on — they transformed my anemic lashes into the va-va-voom I so long for.

Wondering if these could be the answer to your eyelash woes too? I’ll give you a quick rundown:

  • Each case costs $69 – both the original half-lash and One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes — and comes with two sets of lashes in a sleek case that keeps them safe so you can wear and re-wear them.
  • You can choose half-coverage lashes that accentuate the outer corners of your lashes. Or you can choose the newly-released full-coverage lashes that give you length and volume along your entire lash line.
  • You can choose from one of four options (and yes, I test-drove all of them. What can I say, I was excited!): 

Original: These are a great casual look. They look super natural and fill in the sparse areas in my lash line, giving me the fullness my mascara can’t quite achieve. 


Enhanced: These have a little more length, thickness, and curl. Confession: I put these on just to get groceries. And honestly? It made the whole event a little more fun and glamorous.  


Bold: This set of lashes is a little more luxurious and I wore them out to happy hour with my girlfriends. (Yes, I batted my lashes at the waiter!) 


Extra Bold: So this is for when you really want to turn heads and let your lashes do the talking. Super long, super full, super fun.  

  • One Two Cosmetics Full Lashes offer all of the same options as the original, so go crazy!
  • It takes a little practice to get the application right, but once you get the hang of it — it’s super fast and simple.  

one two cosmetics full lashes

Basically each set of lashes consists of a top strip and one to two bottom strips (depending on whether it’s half-coverage or full-coverage lash). You place the top strip on top of your lashes and then you place the bottom strip(s) below your lashes — sandwiching your natural lashes in between the two strips. The lightweight micromagnets on the top strip connect to the micromagnets on the bottom strip and voila! Full, beautiful lashes.

  • The fibers One Two Cosmetics uses are high quality and safe for everyday use — this put my mind at ease, knowing I wouldn’t be doing any more damage to my precious lashes.  

The happy ending to this story? I’m batting my eyelashes a lot more often and my lashes are no worse for the wear. Now, where’s my free dessert?

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