New Year, New Hangover

We wrapped up our whirlwind trip to Texas this week and landed back in Sacramento on New Year’s Day. Between too much wine and too little sleep, I am having a hard time readjusting to life. It was worth it though because we got to see so many people! We spent last Friday hanging out with my mom’s side of the family, then celebrated Christmas with them on Saturday. We do a white elephant gift exchange because there are a million of us, and it is such a drama each year. My mom’s brothers and my Mamaw are BRUTAL. No child is too small to steal from! Sari the vegan gave us the best laugh when she opened this:

She can grind her tofu! She eventually left with some socks and I took home a Texas pillow (just in case anyone visiting our house wonders where we are from). We also spent time over the weekend cleaning out my other grandmother’s house as mentioned last week. She’s the Cashmere Queen of Texas. Way fancier than any of her granddaughters. Because Sari and my other two cousins are so practical, they all kept things like tools, kitchen utensils, and basic furniture. I am now the proud owner of super dainty crystal, flowery china, sweaters, and jewelry I don’t actually need. It’s a hard job, but SOMEONE has to take it all.

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I also took possession of this old lady urn thing. I told Sari and our cousin Hannah that when I die they could put my ashes in it and toss it off the cliff of their choice. Hannah looked at me and said my ashes wouldn’t fit. Apparently, in death I will still not be free of body image issues. You can just call me Fat Ashes from now on.

One afternoon, my dad took us on a ride around our property to see where someone had driven through our fence. While on our way to find that crash site, we came across another one! Four cars have gone through our fence since Labor Day during rain. My dad went to check the highway and it was like glass under his wet boots, so he is going to tell the county, but how scary! This vehicle took out a huge cedar tree, then proceeded deeper into the pasture to hit another. We cannot find that a wreck was reported, so we assume everyone was okay, but launching across three lanes of traffic at 70 mph in the rain is a disaster.

We finished our Texas tour on Monday in San Antonio with Laura and her sister Natalie for New Year’s Eve. Laura’s husband is deployed for work, so we had a ladies only party with them and Laura’s little chicken nugget, Margaret. I cannot believe this time last year Laura looked like this:

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Man, time flies! We had a perfect evening with a lot of baby giggles, wine, cheese, and games. I am so thankful to have so many awesome ladies to ring in a new year with.

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We were up at six to head to the airport on Tuesday morning which suckedddddddd. I had such a bad hangover that I thought I might actually die (someone forgot to drink water during about nine hours of wine drinking…), but we made it back in one piece and I actually got my stuff unpacked before sleeping for what seemed like 27 hours straight. Happy New Year! I am so pumped that it is only a three day work week because I still do not feel great.

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