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As mentioned on Friday, I got to go to My Favorite Murder live on Friday night and it was AMAZING. Tracy and I started our evening at a new restaurant in town, Beast + Bounty. We did not have reservations, but were able to snag a spot outside by the Bocce court. We had the BEST burgers and I cannot wait to go back. We got to the show about 30 minutes early and it was PACKED with Murderinos. I was so excited I wasn’t even bothered by the wall to wall humanity in the theater. I was a bit nervous about the show because I was so afraid of being disappointed, but Georgia and Karen were fantastic. I was laughing and screaming the entire time.

I also found a new love and appreciation for Georgia. In person, her stumbling over parts of her story came off as nerves and she was actually very charming in person. I am going to be more patient with her in the future. Karen showed a picture from her time at the university I work at and it was HYSTERICAL.She looks SO MAD. I love it. After they both shared their murders, Karen announced that she was going to make it up to Sacramento after all of her bashing. Next thing we knew, PAUL HOLES WAS ON STAGE.It was like Beyonce showed up. The whole place was shaking and it was borderline deafening because we were THRILLED. He seems like such a nice man and is so deeply nerdy. It was fabulous. I cannot wait to hear it all again on the podcast! Tracy and I had the best time and I was hoarse when I woke up Saturday from all of my shrieking.

On Saturday, I had some work to take care of, but I did it with while watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I LOVED IT! We are only about five episodes in, but I cannot wait to watch more.

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I spent most of Sunday asleep. I don’t know if I am getting sick or just living in the misery of a world where eleven people got murdered at their place of worship, but I could not stay awake on Sunday. I cannot understand how our leadership does not see the correlation between their divisive and hateful language and the empowerment of these fringe Nazis. Nothing like an all-day depression nap to cope with the world.

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