My Body Broke

I kept it low-key this weekend since we were travelling last weekend and I am still tired. On Saturday morning, Sari and I met some friends for brunch. When I think of brunch, I think of rich dishes like chicken and waffles, pancakes, eggs Benedict… things that are FUN. In California, I am constantly affronted by small and healthy brunch options.

The place we went on Saturday had a “sweet” brunch menu that was Greek yogurt or grilled banana bread (KILL ME), a salad menu, and a “salty” menu that included “trout hash” (wut) and polenta. What is the point?? I had to cobble together a real meal from the side dishes of a sweet potato cinnamon roll (again I must ask WHY) and bacon.

This is exactly why I hesitate to leave the house! At least the company was fantastic.

I then went home and hibernated for the rest of the day. On Sunday, I met my boss at the office early to go through a giant pile of crap before he headed out of town for the week. I made it back home just after lunch, then spent the afternoon very gently packing (see medical maladies below). We are moving AGAIN because we are sick of the shit from our current apartments because the renovation of our building is STILL NOT COMPLETE.

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In fun personal news, I am not currently allowed to go to Orange Theory which has sucked. I have been having sharp chest pains for the past year, so that has been cool. I have had a ton of tests, but it turns out that I most likely have something called Costochondritis which is inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs to the sternum.

They don’t know why it happened and there’s not much you can do about it, so that’s cool. I just have to chill and wait and hope it goes away. It’s always tender and causes a really sharp random pain which I was SURE was a heart attack, but apparently I am meant to live a life of inflammation.

I also got some new eye make-up in January and it has totally screwed up the skin around my eyes. It took a month for the symptoms to appear, and now I have been dealing with “eyelid contact dermatitis” which has made my eyes pink, extremely swollen, and look like I have greyscale. I assume some of these issues have to do with stress, but I didn’t sign up to look awful while feeling awful about the world. Anyway, my eyes hurt a lot and I have to put a special ointment on them every day. It’s not the end of the world, but I am ANNOYED.

My body needs to GET IT TOGETHER. Do you have any recommendations for eye makeup with more natural ingredients? UGH. This has honestly been quite upsetting because it’s a brand I have worn for years and not had any issues with, but now I have delicate baby eyes I guess.

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