Last Wednesday I flew to Toronto and landed around 6 am on Thursday. It was an extra long flight, but it was only $120, so whatever. My pal Lindsey picked me up from the airport, I showered, then we hit the town. We started our morning walking around downtown.

IMG 4584

We walked to the St. Lawrence Market and picked up some snacks for the morning. They had everything! I got a butter tart for breakfast. Why are those not a thing everywhere? Everyone loves a little personal pie!

IMG 4587IMG 4589

This building was super neat:IMG 4594IMG 4614

We met up with Liz for lunch and I was THRILLED  to finally meet her after all of these years of creeping on her on the internet. She was a total delight and I wish there had been more time to visit.

IMG 4750

But, alas, she had to get back to work and Lindsey had exciting plans for us. Lindsey’s friend Corey is member of the Toronto Police Marine Unit and he took us out for a jaunt on the water. He gave us a quick tour of their fleet, then loaded us up in the SWAT boat.

IMG 4635

They use the boat to take the SWAT team across the water and they have special seats they can fit into with all their gear. It was kind of like riding horse. He and another officer took us out for a wild ride. It was so fun and we were screaming almost the entire time. He demonstrated numerous times how hard it is to flip the boat and I believe him. A wee bit of mild terror on the lakes. Lindsey and I felt super official in our police jackets and we were ready to SOLVE THE CRIME. Both officers were both super fun and it was so nice that they took the time to take us out. It was a gorgeous way to see some of the lakeshore.

IMG 4641

IMG 4647IMG 4644IMG 4629

We had so much fun and the skyline was absolutely gorgeous. We also got a lot of wild stories about “death by misadventure” in the harbor. That ride was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. After keeping the city safe, Lindsey and I made our way back to the condo to meet up with Evan who had gone to pick up Paula and Fabian from the airport. Once we were together, we headed to dinner. After eating, Lindsey led us to the Harry Potter themed bar, The Lockhart!!!

IMG 4681

It was super cute and we (Lindsey and me) felt like we were in a magical bar in Diagon Alley.

IMG 4683IMG 4671IMG 4656IMG 4694

Paula and Fabian:

IMG 4699

Lindsey and I shared a flaming pitcher of butterbeer which was super fantastic. I was so thrilled that she took us there and I highly recommend going if you are ever in the area. IMG 4697

We hopped on to a few more spots and closed out the night around 2 am (LORD HELP ME) at a bar that I am pretty sure was 19 year olds only. And the gals were all dressed like this:

Not my scene. Bless ’em. We crashed in bed just after 3 am and 14 miles of walking. It was a DAY.

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