Marvelous Woman Monday

Today I would like to discuss Sarah Huckabee Sanders who I think is a smart woman in an impossible position.

Sarah Huckabee was born in 1982 to Mike and Janet Huckabee. As an infant, she suckled on a bottle of lies and was wrapped in blankets of deception. April Fools! I think she’s a smug idiot who is a compulsive liar on behalf of our Grifter in Chief. I do not know if she suffers from some sort of actual derangement or if she comes to work every day happy to support a lying despot who is gaslighting the country. Either way, I think she’s a terrible human who deserves not a single speck of sympathy or respect.

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The fact that she and her boss represent our country without dignity or decency is an EMBARRASSMENT. I feel passionately about supporting women personally and professionally, but I do not support this human. I hope they all get launched into the sun.

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