Marvelous Woman Monday

This is a short one because there is not information about her, but I love this story. Amna Suleim is a badass cycling advocate in Gaza.

In Gaza, it is frowned upon for women to ride bicycles publicly after puberty. Amna had a dream and that dream was to ride her bike as a grown ass woman. Professionally, Amna is a Qur’an teacher and orphanage volunteer, but in her free time, she leads a women’s only cycling club.

Amna began cycling in 2015 for health reasons and to bring herself joy from something she enjoyed so much as a child. Shortly after, she establish a riding club for women. Since Hamas came to power in Gaza, women’s sports participation has been severely restricted. Adult women cycling is considered a violation of Gaza values, but that does not stop Amna! She has even gone as far as stating that women should include permission to cycle as a condition of marriage. I love that so much.  I WILL ride my bicycle as I please!Image result for Amna SuleimanYou can read more about Amna’s efforts here. She is leading a revolution!

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