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Candice Burt is an ultramarathon runner whose accomplishments are completely impossible for me to comprehend. HOW.

Candice began training for ultramarathons in 2010 when she started looking for a new adventure. She immediately fell in love with ultrarunning and soon started her own race directing company called Destination Trail. She operated her business while training and competing in 50- and 100- mile races. As if that was not enough on her plate, she is also a mom to two girls. She manages to log 60-90 miles a week and even has a treadmill desk to help her squeeze in a few more. Just one of these things seems like too much.

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After working as a guide on the Tahoe Rim Trail, she decided that there should be a mountain ultra in Lake Tahoe. She developed the blueprint for the 200-mile endurance run by setting out on foot for several days to chart out a path. She successfully directed the first Tahoe 200 in 2014 with 90 competitors taking to the course. She created two more 200-mile races – the Bigfoot 200 in Washington and the Moab 240 in Utah. Competitors can take the “Triple Crown” by running the trio. This year, Destination Trail will hold 10 events in the Western United States ranging in distance from 10 kilometers to 240 miles.

Destination Trail now has a full team planning and organizing events, and Candice remains as one of the few female race directors in ultrarunning. She is dedicated to giving back, and requires runners in several of her events to do eight hours of trail work in their local area. She also collects donations for a scholarship in memory of her friend, Stephen Jones who was killed in an avalanche in 2016.

In August, Candice completed the Wonderland Trail in Mt. Rainier, Washington. She finished the trail in record time for the SECOND TIME. She ran 95 miles with over 25,000 feet in elevation gain (HOLY SHIT) in 28 hours, 45 minutes, 31 seconds. That is unreal. And she did it ALONE with no support.

You can read the full run report here. What a dang badass. Thank you for sharing her story, Sarah! You can follow all of Candice’s awesomeness on Instagram.

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