Maligne Valley

We made it to the Maligne Valley just outside of Jasper by late afternoon, and our first stop of the day was at the Maligne Canyon. The canyon was named for the french word for “evil” as a missionary had a hell of a time getting his horse across the river. After seeing the river, all I could think was NO SHIT. It was pouring down rain, but the canyon was gorgeous.

IMG 1820
IMG 1803
IMG 1787
IMG 1795

IMG 1784
We drove further south and saw a lot of elk and another bear! We stopped at Medicine Lake which was a super turquoise in the rain.

IMG 1834

We also went all the way to Maligne Lake, but the weather was crap, so everything was pretty gray which was a bummer. I guess I will just have to come back one day!

IMG 1842

IMG 1866IMG 1844

We spent the night in Valemount which was a very pretty drive. On our way back to Jasper on Wednesday morning, it wasn’t raining and the view at Moose Lake was breathtaking. I pretty much gasped and screeched the entire time we were driving next to it. My dad really appreciated that.

IMG 1900

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