Joshua Tree

Despite my love of National Parks, I have not had much desire to visit Joshua Tree for several reasons. For one, I am not a lover of the desert. I think it is beautiful but the aggressive sunshine, dust, wind, and temperatures make it an inhospitable environment for my eyes and skin. We are simply not compatible.

I also mostly hear about Joshua Tree when the free-spirited, vagabond, gypsy (I know this term is offensive, but they CONTINUE to use it), wild young women of California go there in their expensive sandals and hair feathers to be intentional, manifest said intentions, get stoked, vision board for their next epic journey, build mantras, get some good vibes, heal with crystals, and just live their most authentic lives through their favorite Instagram filter. I know I am being a total ass about this totally gratitude-rich lifestyle, but there is just so much of it here. I could go the rest of my life without hearing about intentions and vibes. And I cannot relate to that mindset at all, so this hater is gonna hate. Anyway, Lisa and I had about six hours to kill before we wanted to be at the festival on Sunday, so we took a drive through Joshua Tree.

As expected, there were tons of Joshua trees (yucca palms) that were pretty cool. I did not realize how many different shapes they could form. We also really enjoyed the rock formations.


The landscape changed quickly as we entered the southern half of the park and there were tons of Cholla cacti.

It was pretty, and if you are a desert person, then you would probably love it. Personally, I’m glad to be back in the land of trees.

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