After a rainy night that left us practically floating in our tents, we loaded up to drive to Jasper for the next day. Since we were just a few miles away and up early extra early, we popped over to Lake Louise to check her out before she got crowded. I was SUPER bitter that it was so cloudy, but the lake was still beautiful. I cannot even imagine what that view must be like from the Fairmont. I WILL stay there one day.

IMG 1644IMG 1642

As we drove north, we got into a lot of snow which was a bit of a surprise.

IMG 1661IMG 1665IMG 1673We drove north to the Icefields Parkway and stopped at the Icefield Center to see the Columbia Icefield. Let me say “icefield” one more time. ICEFIELD. It was pouring rain and super cloudy, so we decided to come back by the next day in the hope of better weather. We drove further north ton the Parkway to Sunwampta Falls.

IMG 1712

We stopped at the “Goats and Glaciers” overlook which was gorgeous.

IMG 1725IMG 1777

I still cannot believe the color of the water! We also stopped at Athabasca Falls which was the most crowded spot we had been to yet, but it was totally worth it..

IMG 1744IMG 1742

DSC 0187
IMG 1766IMG 1756IMG 1754IMG 1751We drove on the to Maligne Valley in the afternoon, but that will have to be a second post around lunch because there are too many beautiful pictures to squeeze in here.

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