Interim Update

In September, I stepped in as Interim Chief of Staff on top of my usual work as the communications/graduation/student problems lady. At the time, my boss believed that Lisa would be back as Chief of Staff by March. A lot of things are up in the air right now and it looks like it might be FOUR OR FIVE MORE MONTHS OF THIS.

I really miss my friend being next door, but the emotional burden of this job is getting to me. It is so much all the time. Everyone here needs to calm down, do their work, and mind their own business. I spend so much time having to run interference between people who cannot get along or picking up the balls that someone else just dropped in my office because they are over it. How do you get to decide that you are “just over it” when it is part of your job?? HOW. These people are so lucky they do not report to me. JUST DO YOUR WORK AND BE NICE. Anyway, I keep reminding myself that it is more money that I can use to do fun things if I ever get to be done with this.

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Lisa and I are going to spend a longgggggggggggggggggggggg weekend in Vegas drinking by a pool when this is all over. On the bright side, I am so thankful that I got back on my anxiety medication last fall. I am sleeping better and spending so much less time and energy feeling like I am spiraling into an abyss of imaginary problems. I feel calmer overall and not like I am constantly being crushed by some imaginary force. I think I would have probably lost it by now if I was not back on it, so thanks Zoloft!

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We still have a faculty member working full-time in my office and he continues to be incredibly helpful. I remain highly suspicious of him because he is so helpful, but so far so good. I let him deal with most of the student problems, and I get much shadenfreude from listening to him talk to them. He recently had a student on the phone who had royally flubbed up academically and I heard him say, “Can you tell me more about how you believed that any of this was ever a good idea?” Bless him.

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