Icefields Parkway

It was raining all day on Tuesday, so we were not able to see much of anything in the icefields area. When we went back on Wednesday, it was less cloudy and we could actually see the Athabasca Glacier. They estimate that in 100 years it will totally be gone and it has already lost 60% of its volume since 1885. But, NO BIG DEAL. That totally has nothing do with us. Just the earth warming up super fast that in no way coincides with our increased output of gasses into the atmosphere. NOPE.

We walked around the base of the glacier for about an hour reading really depressing information about the state of our planet and what will happen when everything melts. At least it was pretty!
IMG 1947IMG 1983IMG 1946

We made reservations to go out on the “Glacier Skywalk” which I understood to be a glass skywalk overlooking a GLACIER. It was not. The skywalk went over a valley where a glacier was. So, it was a bit of a tourist trap, but it was still really neat and offered a great view of the valley.

DSC 0253DSC 0236IMG 2057IMG 2046IMG 2035IMG 2010

We were the first group there that morning, so we got to enjoy it without the crowds. Made getting up at 4:45 am totally worth it! We continued down the parkway toward Banff. We stopped and did a few things along the way, but they deserve their own post. The sun was finally out and it was the most beautiful drive I have ever been on!

DSC 0370DSC 0390DSC 0388DSC 0380DSC 0378DSC 0373DSC 0372
DSC 0392

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