How to Find the Best Diet Shakes for You by Checking the Label to Ensure It Has the Best Ingredients

When you are picking out diet shakes, it can get overwhelming with all the options. It’s even more overwhelming to check out some of the ingredient lists on these shakes. It’s important to choose a diet shake that is suited for your needs. Different diet shakes do different things; it seems self-explanatory. But with all the options, it’s easy to get lost. Before you dive into buying diet shakes, be sure to follow these steps when reading the label.

Find out what each ingredient does

Before you start researching the ingredients in-depth, do a quick search to see what, generally, each one does. Google is the perfect place to start your search. Make sure each ingredient is going to help you get to your fitness goals. For example, diet shakes that have a lot of protein are great for those trying to build muscle. If the diet shakes contain fiber, then they’ll be a great hunger suppressant. If you are lactose intolerant, stay away from whey protein, as it contains dairy by-products. Keep an eye out for ingredients that will help you with your fitness goals

Look for shakes with a good amount of fiber

Whether you are trying to build muscle, lose weight, or balance out your nutrition, you will need to take in a good amount of fiber. Fiber is something that our bodies cannot digest. I know, it sounds weird, right? But actually, fiber is really good for our digestive system. Since fiber cannot be digested, our system has to work harder to pass it, making our digestive system able to absorb more good nutrients. In addition, fiber keeps you full for longer, so it’s easier to put down snacks during the day.

Another great benefit of having fiber in your shake is that, if I’m being honest, I’m not a huge fan of leafy green vegetables. With the fiber already added to my diet shakes, it’s easy to get that nutrition without eating foods I don’t like. In fact, the diet shakes are actually sweet because of their great flavors like vanilla, salted caramel, and even chocolate.

Fiber is not only good for those who want to lose weight, but also ideal if you want to establish an energized healthy lifestyle. While the body does not digest it, gut bacteria feed from the fiber and produce energy while also offering all the advantages of good bacteria (probiotics).

Fiber improves digestive function and cleans the tract eliminating most indigestion issues. However, this is only achieved when you take optimal amounts of fiber (at least 5g per serving). Taking too much fiber may cause digestion issues especially if you did not drink enough fluid.

Whey protein vs. plant-based protein

Diet shakes often use both whey protein and plant-based protein, although you can find brands that contain one type only. Whey protein is ideal for athletes and workout performance as it is digested quickly to release energy needed to finish more reps and take on strenuous tasks. Most whey protein shakes are offered as pre-workouts (taken about 30 minutes before working out) and provide sufficient protein nutrition. Whey contains some lactose which is quickly digested by the enzyme lactase to provide energy.

Plant-based proteins are basically amino acids that perform various repair and recovery work. These shakes are perfect for post-workout as they help rejuvenate your muscles and tissues by providing essential nutrition needed for recovery. Whey is a more complete protein, but it does not provide all the essential amino acids. This is why you need a schedule that allows you to take both whey and plant-based protein.

If you have any intolerance to dairy products, you can still rely on plant-based proteins for your protein nutrition.

Ensure there is no sugar or gluten

Although some fitness goals require that you take optimal amounts of carbs (for instance, if you want to gain some weight), it is recommended to keep away from processed sugar and gluten. You can still find your carbs from other foods like fruits and grains, but never take them from a diet shake as most use processed sugar that may compromise your fitness goals. What’s more, processed sugar is generally unhealthy and so is gluten.


When checking out the label of diet shakes brands, list down a few ingredients that you want to be included and those you do not want. You can then proceed to compare different offers and find one that has all the ingredients spread across their shakes. Make sure there are no secret ingredients used and carefully review any strange name you have never heard before. It is important to put your safety first especially when establishing a meal plan that has several diet shakes along the way. Click here to check out more information about diet shakes.

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