How ‘Bout Them Apples

My parents flew in last Thursday (praise be to Southwest for FINALLY adding nonstop flights between Austin and Sacramento), so we have been hanging out and relaxing all weekend which has been super lovely. On Saturday, we made our annual pilgrimage to Apple Hill which is one of my favorite things to do in the Sacramento region. We got there early to beat the crowds and started at Rainbow Orchards to get our donut on. By the time we left, there was a line forming, so we were glad to get there early for the piping hot apple cider donuts. My dad even declared that they were the best donuts he has ever had.

Our next stop was at Delfino Farms which is one of my favorite spots because it is so very pretty. I never would have imagined that there were apple orchards like this in California (seriously had no idea). Even though it was over 90 degrees by the time we left, it still felt like fall!

IMG 5454IMG E5465

We got a “walkin’ pie” to share which was a DELIGHT. It’s filled with pecans AND has a hot apple cider caramel sauce on top.

IMG E5462

Our third stop of the day was at Abel’s Apple Acres which is home to caramel apple heaven.

IMG 5475

I get the Apple Pie Caramel Apple which is dipped caramel and white chocolate, then rolled in sugar. It’s over the top, but what is the point of going to caramel apple heaven if you are going with moderation in mind?

IMG 5495

We then moved on to Boa Vista Orchards to buy actual apples and take a small break from the treats.

IMG 5496IMG 5494

I also found this book which I find to be DEEPLY CREEPY. The name of the book, the name of the group who wrote it (“The Top Raw Men”), and the creepy picture. TOO MUCH. It looks like a book on serial killing with uncooked vegetables. IMG 5480

We also got a frozen pie to keep for Thanksgiving because Boa Vista has proven to be my favorite thus far. A freezer full of pies is my five-year plan.

IMG 5493

Our last stop of the day was at High Hill Ranch for lunch.

IMG 5489IMG 5492It was getting super crowded, so we decided to head back home. The misanthropic family who hates crowds together stays together. We had a great time and were stuffed by the time we rolled out of there. We spent Sunday hanging out and running errands, then I attended a work event that evening while my family enjoyed tacos without me (RUDE).

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