Grilled Snap Peas with Hazelnut-Dill Crumb

There are two ways I like my snap peas: raw or grilled. More often than not, snap peas become our spring snack. We eat them as is or they are the perfect crunchy companion for hummus or any other kind of dip. However, I always make sure to fire up the grill while we have snap peas on hand.

These grilled snap peas are eaten as a side in our house but I think you could easily turn this into a grain bowl or salad. The hazelnut crumb is a bit of a mash-up between a gremolata and breadcrumbs (but using hazelnuts makes this easily gluten-free).

Also, in terms of skewers, invest in a nice set of metal ones, preferably the skinniest ones you can. I don’t like the flat, bigger skewers. They tend to break apart certain vegetables and halloumi (which is a summer grilling staple!)

Grilled Snap Pea


Skewer a meal: Add halloumi or tofu to the skewers. I love the salty cheese paired with the hazelnut crumb.

Nuts: Swap out the hazelnuts for almonds or pistachios. Stick with a flavorful nut- it adds quite a bit to the overall flavor of the dish.

Bowls: Add these snap peas to a salad or grain bowl. Top with a sprinkle of feta cheese or your favorite grain sauce. I’d recommend pairing these grilled snap peas with this multigrain pilaf and lemon vinaigrette.

Grilled Snap Peas with Hazelnut Dill Crumb




½ pound snap peas

1 tablespoon olive oil

¼ teaspoon salt


¼ cup toasted and cooled hazelnuts

3 tablespoons fresh dill

1 clove garlic

Zest from 1 lemon

⅛ teaspoon salt

Lemons, for serving


  • If using wood skewers, soak in water for an hour before grilling. Snap the end of the peas and remove the strings. Place in a bowl and toss with 1 tablespoon olive oil and the salt. Thread onto the skewers, roughly 8 to 10 per skewer. Alternatively, you could skip the skewer and use a grill pan.
  • Grill the snap peas, turning once, until charred and bright green.
  • Place the hazelnuts on a cutting board along with the fresh dill, garlic, zest, and garlic. Chop/mince everything until is well combined and resembles breadcrumbs. Alternatively, use a food processor.
  • Serve the snaps peas with a drizzle of olive oil and a heavy sprinkle of the hazelnut crumb.


Tips and Tricks: As mentioned, you could skip the skewers and place the snap peas on a grill pan.

Use up leftover ingredients: snap peas, hazelnuts, dill

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