Going-to-the-Sun Road

I was most excited to drive down the Going-to-the-Sun Road at Glacier, and it blew away my highest expectations. Even though it was super windy and cloudy most of the day, it was still incredible.The first stop was at the Saint Mary Visitor Center. I was so wowed by that view that it could have been all I saw that day and I would have been happy.

DSC 0885

We got on the road just after 10 am and I was SO EXCITED. It looked almost fake.

DSC 0893DSC 0897

And then we saw a little bear by the road! We saw so many bears. It was wild. At one point we even saw a momma grizzly run across the road with two cubs. It was bear city and I was VERY happy to be inside a car.

DSC 0899

Our first stop of the day was Saint Mary Lake which is nine miles long!

DSC 0900DSC 0905DSC 0910

The further we drove, the more we got into the clouds and sleet. It was eerily beautiful.

DSC 0920

The distant snow you can see in the middle of the picture below is the Jackson Glacier which one of only 25 remaining glaciers in the park. It has lost almost a third of its size (in a 2005 measurement) since it was first measured in 1896, but I am sure that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FARSE THAT IS CLIMATE CHANGE.

DSC 0925

As we neared the highest point in the road at Logan’s Pass, it started sleeting. We found winter!DSC 0933DSC 0934DSC 0940DSC 0944

Since we are going to be in Glacier again later this week on the western side, we turned around at the pass and headed back toward the eastern boundary. It was crazy windy on the way out.

DSC 0946DSC 0955DSC 0954

We drove out of the park, then north to Lake Sherborne and Swiftcurrent Lake which has the Many Glacier Lodge on its edge. I just love a nice lodge!

DSC 0968DSC 0971DSC 0975DSC 0976

The rest of our day later!

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