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I am pleased to report that I finished unpacking this weekend!
My boss told me on Friday not to come back to work until my house was unpacked, organized, and cleaned because I was a bit of a nut because of the disorganization last week. Sari and I also went over to clean our old apartment which was misery. I cannot wait to see how they find a way to make us pay for the holes that were caused by external construction work.

I shall not go gently!!

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On Friday night, we went down to Elk Grove to celebrate Tracy’s birthday at the Elk Grove Brewfest. It was a fabulous time, and I was THRILLED that the Cousins Maine Lobster food truck was there. I missed lunch on Friday, so I had a lobster roll to start the fest and then had another because I was HANGRY. Worth every penny.

I would full-time follow that truck around town like a sandwich roadie. Sari and I relaxed on Saturday afternoon after all of our cleaning and I got in a solid three-hour nap (THE DREAM). That night we finally watched Widows, and while it was very different than I thought it would be, it was fantastic. Viola Davis is THE SHIT.

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Also, Daniel Kaluuya was straight up terrifying in the movie. His intensity was almost too much, and I was safe on my couch! HIS STARE *shudders*

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SANSA MY QUEEN. I am so glad someone is finally putting Daenerys in her place. She just stomps around demanding things, but Sansa has earned the loyalty. I am so glad she served up some stone cold BUT WHAT ABOUT THE NORTH BITCH. Also, I totally thought Daenerys was going to stab Jon when he told her about his parentage. I think we are about to see her LOSE HER SHIT in a very Targaryan way.

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What is going on with Sansa and Theon? I get that they have been through it together, but I was surprised she felt so emotional when she saw him. Those weren’t romantic eyes right? YUCK. And why on EARTH would anyone trust Theon and his seaweed men to protect Bran from the NIGHT KING?? I loved Brienne getting knighted. SO LOVELY. And I am THRILLED for Arya. Get it, girl!!! Good for her even if I kept bracing for it to be revealed that she was tricking him or was going to stab him.

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Although, I am really feeling strongly that Arya will die killing the Night King, and that makes me sad. I am going to be gutted next episode. I also have a bad feeling that Sam’s story has run its course now that Jon knows the truth. And, we finally now know that the Night King’s motivation is an “endless night,” but to what end? What does that even mean? All the men are dead, and he is king of what? Why? I get that if he kills all the men and Bran, then the memory of them dies as well, but TO WHAT END DUDE?? What is accomplished by ruling over a dark and frozen land only filled with the dead?

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I am also concerned that he was not in the previews. The crypt seems like a terrible place to keep people because there is no out!! They’re trapped. I don’t know why they didn’t evacuate the vulnerable people south (I get that they probably move too slowly, but still!). I randomly saw today the theory that the Knight King could raise the dead in the scripts and OMG WALKING DEAD NED.

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