Five Thing Friday

1. I finally figured out why my weighted blanket is so soothing – it feels like a pet is laying against me. It’s that perfectly comforting weight of a pet snuggled up against you, and I wake up mistakenly believing that my cats might actually love me enough to cuddle (they don’t). Sadly, they only get close if they want food or petting. When I’m asleep, I am useless to them.

2. I don’t really know what I think about Game of Thrones yet (I think I just might be too tired to truly care this week). I wish there had been better options for the writers once they ran out of source material, but it makes me sad that they opted not to flesh out the final season as much as they could have. The ending would have been fine with me had we taken more time to get there.

Despite not loving the final season, it was a beautiful show with amazing actors. I’m thrilled for Sansa, but I do wish the ending had been that all of the kingdoms had gone back to independent rule which would have made this whole thing all for naught. I am disturbed that Bran is king and I feel like he manipulated everything to get here. He’s not even really human anymore, right? I do not know if I have this correct, but I feel like the Three Eyed Raven can basically live forever? Until he is killed, it doesn’t seem like he dies? Or is it only if he lives in a tree. I am VERY confused about the point of the TER. And do we know if the TER is ultimately good or evil? I think too little is known about this thing to actually have given it the ultimate power over an entire kingdom? Regardless, Bran has been a total dick since he became the TER.

I also really really REALLY hated Drogon burning the throne. COME ON. I am annoyed that we only saw Arya be a faceless man once really. All of that could not have been in service of killing Walder Frey. UGH. So many balls were dropped! Oh well, here’s to hoping we get those books in the next lifetime!

3. I have also tried this and it was a DISASTER. I would love to eat more natural peanut butter, but who has time for this!! I just want a drama free sandwich. “I Tried That “Mess-Free” Trick for Blending Oily Peanut Butter. Here’s What Happened.”

4. DOWNTON ABBEY TRAILER IS HERE!!!! And we have royalty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was starting to panic because Matthew Goode doesn’t show up for over a minute!!

5. I am off on an adventure for the next two weeks! Today is my 35th birthday, and I am THRILLED to still be alive and in good health. You can follow along on my Instagram if you are so inclined. It’s road trip tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.

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