Five Thing Friday

1. Welcome to the world baby Archie!!! I do not like nicknames as first names (I know a guy named Timmy who is now a police officer named Timmy and it boggles my mind that someone would name their child TIMMY – I know he could go by Tim, BUT STILL), but it’s not my baby, so it doesn’t matter. I am glad everyone is happy and healthy, and I cannot wait to see more of this little muffin.

2. Now that we have more hard floors that needs mopping, I want to invest in something less wasteful than a Swiffer. I have been thinking about getting a steam mop for a while so we are using less chemicals, but I am not sure what is best. Does anyone have any advice? We don’t have a TON of hard floor space, so we don’t need something super fancy or professional, but the Shark mops all look the same to me. Advice is appreciated.

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3. Are you watching The Spanish Princess on Starz?? I LOVED The White Queen, and I want to love this one because Catherine is one of my favorite queens of all time, but that first episode was a bit cheap looking. I am really hoping it improves.

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While I never judge these kinds of things by actual historical standards, I am a bit baffled that they aged up Harry so much. I don’t like where this is headed regarding what I like to believe transpired between her and Arthur (and THE LOVE NOTES UGH).

4. We finally started Dead to Me on Netflix and I FREAKING LOVE IT. I haven’t been this excited for a new show since Killing Eve premiered (are you watching the second season?? I also love it). I seriously considered calling in “sick” so I could stay home and watch it, but decided to be more responsible because you know what’s even more fun than this show? Not getting fired because I decided to stay home and watch TV.

5. Wait. Who didn’t know this?? “As a Businessman, Trump Was the Biggest Loser of All.”

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