Five Thing Friday

1. I watched Abducted in Plain Sight on Netflix this week and OMG WHAT THE HELL. I was trying so hard not be judgmental because the 70s were such a different time and those parents seems like the nicest (but most oblivious people in the world), but OMG WHAT THE HELL. How did anyone survive the 70s?? When the handjob part happened I SCREAMED because I could not believe it. HOW.

Also, I don’t get the sense that Bob Berchtold’s brother really thought that what happened was actually wrong? SO many layers of awful with this story. I just cannot imagine how Jan has ever recovered from the trauma.

2. “Hate Amazon? Try Living Without It.“

3. This was a thought provoking article: “A Black Legacy, Wrapped Up In Fur.”

““As soon as black women could afford to buy mink coats, white society and white women said fur was all wrong.”

4. I haven’t made kolaches in FOREVER, and I need to change that soon.

5.This week has been a mess and I mostly hate everyone and everything, so this is extra short today. In good news, there is good beer with great friends on my calendar for this evening, and I could not be more thankful.

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