Falling in Love

…with running. I hope you didn’t think I was falling in love with a person because nobody around here has time for that kind of nonsense.

Since I flaked on running the Big Sur marathon last April, I haven’t really been into running. It’s happened a few times, but not in any sort of consistent manner. I have been going to Orange Theory at least three times a week, so that has felt like a major accomplishment, but I do miss running. Now that the weather is finally cooling off around here, I want to get back into running again.

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As much as I enjoy OTF, I do miss being in the cold dark silence of a winter night. It’s not anywhere near “winter” (our winter is a joke) yet, but I need to get to a point where I can at least run a few miles in comfort. Nothing ruins a good run like not be in shape to run.

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I was planning to try for a spring marathon the last weekend in April (for some reason I still feel the need to do this one more time. WHY???), but then Lisa bought us tickets to a three day music festival that weekend. So, now I need to also train to be outside in the sun and amongst lots of people for three whole days. THREE DAYS. Good grief, I am already dreading it (but GARTH BROOKS!!!). My general sense of misanthropy will make this a challenge, so I’m just going to practice somehow.

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Lauren left a comment a while back about the Avenue of the Giants race and I couldn’t do it because of the other marathon I wanted to run. Now that that race is out, I am signed up for that half! Here I come again redwoods!!! And thank you, Lauren!!! And it has two of my favorite things: big trees and shade!

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So, running. I’m going to do it. I ran two miles yesterday and I am alive to tell you about it, so it is happening.

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