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plant paradox

Am sure that most of you must have heard of the Plant Paradox book. This subject has been getting a lot of buzz nowadays because of its controversial new ideas. However, this book remains one of the most important books that were released in 2017.

Steven Gundry M.D.: Author of the Plant Paradox

Let’s start by introducing the writer of this book, Dr. Steven Gundry. He’s a renowned cardiologist who graduated from Yale University with special honors in human biology, as well as Social Evolution. He also graduated with an M.D from Georgia school of medicine.  

Dr. Gundry is a respected doctor who has performed more than 10,000 surgeries including cross-species and infant transplant in his 40-year career. This doctor is also quite popular in cardiology world where he is well known for several inventions including Gundry Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannula. This device has the capability of reversing cell death in an acute heart attack.  

Dr. Gundry is also an experienced medical researcher who has written over three hundred abstracts and articles in medical journals. Additionally, he has also devoted years of experience to the medical community and has acted as Chairman of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loma Linda University Medical Center. 

The Plant Paradox isn’t Gundry’s first book; in 2008, Dr. Gundry’s book called Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution, was released. This book was about how a person can turn off their “bad” genes, like those that are responsible for disease and obesity, through their diet. Actually, The Plant Paradox was an evolution of Diet Evolution, through Dr. Gundry’s research after working with many patients.

What is included in The Plant Paradox?

This research has incorporated years of dietary research and has come up with an easy to understand the theory that everyone can relate to including those who are not health professionals. The main aim of the book is to provide anyone with a way to live a healthier life.  

Dr. Gundry has always refused to wear a white coat while seeing his patients because he believes that there should not be any inappropriate air or separation between the doctors and patients. This was the main reason why he decided to write these two books to give as many individuals as possible with health information that could change their lives.

Although the The Plant Paradox was released in April 2017, the book has already spent over 13 weeks on New York Times bestseller list. It has also gotten a lot of praise from well-known medical practitioners including Dr. Junger, Dr. Terry Wahls, and Dr. Mercola.

What Is the Emphasis of The Plant Paradox?

The main idea focuses on various plants such as vegetable, fruits, seeds, legume and grains that could be detrimental to your health. I know this might sound a bit off for some of you, especially after considering that vegetables and fruits have always been seen as some of the healthiest foods on the planet. Hence the book’s title; it’s a plant paradox 

Aggregate blood cells.

Although this is true, Dr. Gundry research proves that some plants have gone through some adaptations to prevent themselves from being eaten. According to the doctor, some plants have learned on how they can make use of their chemicals to make you sick so that you cannot consume them. Some of the things that the plants have included are lectins. Lectins are generally proteins that are toxic are produced when plants sense that they are in danger. The lectins are not digested properly along the other food you eat, and this may cause your body to weaken.  

Other medical practitioners describe lectins as agglutinins, meaning that other microorganisms to attach themselves to each other or other essential body cells can utilize them. Some of the problems that can be caused by lectins include;

• Issues with nutrient absorption
• Injuries to your gut
• Digestive health issues
• Bowel issues
• Heart health issues

However, it is good to understand that these lectins are found in veggies and fruits, which we all know as some of the most crucial plants to include in our diet. This is why there is a paradox. This book will assist you in knowing the foods that are best to consume and some of the foods that have these dangerous lectins.

Where to purchase the Plant Paradox

You can get this book from anywhere. In fact, if you are reading this content online you simply need to go to Barnes & Noble online or Amazon and get your copy.

Last few words

If you feel like you have been following a healthy diet and you, still feel bloated tired, or you are not meeting your weight loss goals, this book will guide you on the way forward. This book is not only crucial for your health but will also enlighten you and change your thinking on foods that make you unhealthy and healthy. And if after reading, you feel like you may have problems related to lectins, definitely take the time to look into Lectin Shield on AuthorityNutra.com to see if it may be right for you. Talk with your doctor to see if adding this incredible supplement can help you and your overall health. When you’re ready to actively fight lectins, you can buy Lectin Shield on the GundryMD website. First time customers can also get a great discount on Lectin Shield here.

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