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I swear it was just Friday about five minutes ago. I don’t even know what happened to my weekend.

In really exciting news, I FINALLY started watching Borgen this weekend and I love it SO MUCH. Thank you endlessly to everyone who suggested it. I was 100% hooked about 15 minutes in.

The show is about a politician who becomes the first woman to be Prime Minister of Denmark. It is in Danish and you have to read subtitles, but it’s so great that I don’t even notice. I am only on the fifth episode, but the characters are SO GOOD.

Also, I’m years behind in my opinions on this show, but I’ve never let that stop me from sharing them before. I am deeply frustrated by how much time we have to spend watching Birgitte try to keep her family life afloat while being PM because that is not something you typically see male politicians dealing with. I have no doubt that it is terribly difficult to be the spouse of a politician at that level, but DEAL WITH IT, dude. Your wife is the PRIME MINISTER. I like the husband a lot and he is carrying the huge bulk of family responsibility, but good grief we spend a lot of time on his woes. I feel the same way about Prince Philip in The Crown. Women have been managing this for centuries, so put your big boy pants on and support your wife.

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Ugh, I’m going to be devastated if he cheats. There is TOO MUCH foreshadowing. I just want them to be happy!!!

Also, Kasper gives me struggles. I find him to be very attractive, but he has been such a stalkery creep Katrine. There have been several instances when I thought he was going to harm her. RUN, GIRL. Do not encourage him. Every time I see him out waiting for her when she’s running I get such an overwhelmingly bad feeling. He seems like a deeply unhappy person. 

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And I like Katrine a lot, but she was awful to the hot trainer (Benjamin?). Poor guy. She had a great opportunity to get him interested in politics, but she decided to belittle him instead. I have to force myself to pay attention to politics in order to be an informed citizen, but I certainly don’t enjoy reading about it.

Oh, and I had no idea that Greenland was a Danish territory. I was also completely unaware of their complicated history with the Inuit people who live there. Not a clue. Live and learn!

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On Saturday night I went to one of our football games. We actually won which was a pleasant surprise. On Sunday, I went to Orange Theory, then went up to the office for several hours. That evening we had the Tower Bridge Dinner which was amazing. Last year it was way too hot, but this time it was in the low 80s which was perfect. The dinner on the bridge is the primary fundraiser for the Farm-to-Fork Festival in Sacramento. That single dinner raises enough money to hold events throughout the year that are free to the community. Chefs from all over the city serve unique dishes and drinks, and it is super tasty.

We clearly had a terrible time.

It was a gorgeous evening to be outside and the food was spectacular. Once I got home, Sari and I watched Outlander. How many more episodes until they are back together!?!?!!? Will I even live long enough to see this reunion?

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Spoiler alert for non-book readers!!!




MURTAGH LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We jumped up and down with glee when we heard his crotchety voice in the darkness. I was devastated that he died in the books, but I hope we can have a reunion in zee colonies!

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I am also interested to see what they do with the “sex” scene between Jamie and Geneva next week. I get that she blackmails him and that he is sort of a prisoner, but she also says “stop” very firmly. I don’t appreciate the tone of the author’s response to questions about it, so I wonder if the show will depart from how the scene was written. If she had just stuck with the argument that it was a different time (with a different understanding of consent), then I could see another side to it. Regardless, the story was written in modern times, and her flippant attitude about consent is deeply frustrating to me (and part of the reason I stopped reading the books).

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