Drinkin’ Away the Worries

The Kavanaugh hearing rocked me a lot more than I anticipated last week, and I was left feeling bereft and shaken by the actual event and the commentary surrounding it. I should probably just delete Facebook at this point (but I love pictures of all my friend’s babies who aren’t on IG), but damn it was a deep black pit of flagrantly vile conservative misogyny.

I just cannot get over that people thought Kavanaugh was SO BRAVE for his temper tantrum. The contempt for women that was displayed along with the overwhelming support for his “good name” and reputation was disgusting. I do not understand this “be worried for your sons” mindset. If your sons are not raping, assaulting, or harassing others, then they will be fine. No one seems to care about the damage done to all of the people who are harassed, raped, or assaulted.

Even if you are unhappy with the way this was handled, I still do not understand why people are so fine with an attempted rapist and manchild sitting on the Supreme Court. HE FAILED HIS JOB INTERVIEW. Dr. Ford was calm, credible, and incredibly brave. She was perfect. If this is the response to someone who is by all accounts the perfect survivor, then what about all of those women who aren’t? Oh right. We don’t believe them ever.

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So, needless to say, I was not in a great place mentally or emotionally on Friday. I decided that I would spend the weekend doing things that would help improve my mood. On Friday night I went to a fundraiser with Lisa for an organization that works to increase college attendance and graduation for young men of color. I am so glad she invited me because it was a wonderful event and we got to speak to a bunch of the boys that are part of the organization. It was nice to be in a place that was filled with hope and joy for them. After, we met up with some friends from work for dinner at The Press. I had some of the best gnocchi and a Moscow Mule. It was a super cute little restaurant.

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On Saturday, I went to Orange Theory, then went to the office for a few hours because I had to write about 15 letters of reference for students. After, I went home and cleaned the house, then spent about about eight hours laying on the couch watching Sandra Bullock movies and enjoying some Oktoberfest beer. It was WONDERFUL.

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On Sunday, I went to Orange Theory again, then did some meal prep and cleaned out my closet for three hours. I also went to Target to buy a shower curtain liner, but instead, I forgot the liner and spent over $200 on other things I did not need, but those things are making me HAPPY (like these sweet loafers). Sunday evening, I attended the Tower Bridge Dinner for the Farm-to-Fork Festival. The funds raised at the dinner keep the festival free, and it was a fabulous evening. I got to meet Jeremiah Tower and he spoke during the dinner. I had some of the best duck and figs of my life, and of course, lots of local wines and beer.

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