How I Discovered the Power of Vital Stem

How I Discovered the Power of Vital Stem by Live Cell Research  

You might have read this title, and thought to yourself, “What is Vital Stem?” Well, I had the same question when I set out to find an anti-aging supplement to help stave off some of the visible (and not-so-visible) signs of aging that I noticed in my own life. You see, as an older adult I already knew that the signs of aging would start to set in around my late 40’s so, I wanted to prepare by reducing their appearance BEFORE I noticed things like fine lines, wrinkles, and (gasp) deep-seated creases on my face. And I also talked to my doctor about the other signs of aging that commonly occur in women just like me after the age of 45 like a loss of mental performance, attention, (working) memory, executive control, and even processing speed.1  

However, apparently researchers have been working hard to find out just what happens inside the brain as we age. What they found is that cellular changes may be to blame for neurological damage linked to an increased risk of age-related cognitive decline.2 And I couldn’t be happier! 

How I Found Vital Stem by Live Cell Research 

I knew that age-related changes in my body could start to happen as early as 45, so I wanted to proactively approach my long-term health before I had any real health concerns. I went online immediately after discussing this with my doctor to find the right type of dietary supplement for me. What follows is a basic description of what stem cells are and how they work in the body, but it is detailed much better on the Live Cell Research website. 

The Power of Vital Stem’s Formula vital stem

In a nutshell, stem cells are like blank cells that are made inside your body, as well as a number of other places in nature like that of fetal tissues, and in some plants. Because they are not already loaded with genetic material, they are like a blank slate for your body to “program” them with information. While some stem cells are embryonic, others are somatic, otherwise known as “adult” stem cells. They’re found in numerous organs and tissues in the body. Adult stem cells are the cells that Vital Stem supports, because they are able to multiply to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissue. 

Once inside your body, Vital Stem is able to support somatic stem cells and help them do their job better. It is really neat how they work to replenish damaged cells and boost your overall health as your own cells can better replicate and repair themselves within your bodily tissues. 

For example, if you were suffering from a loss of healthy neurons in your brain due to the natural aging process, Vital Stem could help stop the development of more damaged cells (called mutated cells) and instead help repair those damaged cells and encourage proliferation of pre-existing, healthy stem cells. This process may help in reducing your risk of age-related health problems of the brain. However, if you were suffering with skin damage, let’s say from prolonged exposure to the sun, the supplement would target the stem cells in the damaged, offering a way to restore the area with new, healthy cells – all ready to replicate! This effect is known to work at any age.  

You see, stem cells are like a time eraser for your entire body. And they know just what to do all on their own. Today, you can gain the many anti-aging benefits healthy adult stem cells with regular use of Vital Stem. The Vital Stem formula includes these natural ingredients to help you get closer to your best health: L-Leucine, l-carnosine (amino acids), blueberry powder, green tea extract, and Vitamin D3.  This is a proprietary blend of these ingredients, meaning they’ve never been combined before! Live Cell Research is the only company that provides the combination in one container.

Talk to Your Doctor 

I knew that aging gracefully wasn’t going to just happen. So, I stepped up, and talked to my doctor about the concerns I had for myself as I got older. When I found Vital Stem online, I knew that the California-based company that made the supplement called Live Cell Research made a quality product, and you can see it all for yourself on their website … but today, I am confidently headed in the direction of my dreams knowing that I have plenty of years ahead in good health. 

So, don’t wait to talk to your doctor about integrating the power of stem cells inside Vital Stem into your daily health regimen. You will be happy you did, as it can bring you (as it did me) the peace of mind that you are taking good care of every cell in your body, not just approaching health concerns as they arise, but preventing them before they start. That’s the key to graceful aging. And today, you can find it right inside every bottle of Vital Stem. 

To your health! 


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