Magnificent Men Monday

December 4, 2017 krisgets1 0

I am finally all caught up on Riverdale (THE DRAMA) and it’s nice to have good ol’ “chillest fella ever,” Luke Perry, back on the big […]

10 Thing Friday

December 1, 2017 krisgets1 0

1. If you watched my Instagram story earlier this week and wondered from where I got those awesome sheets that I gave my sister for […]

WTF Wednesday

November 29, 2017 krisgets1 0

When I got to work on Monday my boss said, “I have something to show you that is REALLY going to piss you off.” Raymund […]


November 28, 2017 krisgets1 0

First off, MEGHAN MARKLE AND PRINCE HARRY ARE ENGAGED!!! Gah, I am SO HAPPY for them both. She is such a catch and I can’t […]


November 24, 2017 krisgets1 0

Pie coma.

WTF Wednesday

November 22, 2017 krisgets1 0

Last weekend in Yosemite, I picked up a hitchhiker. I saw a woman by the side of the road who was running with a backpack and crying while […]

Concrete Winners

November 21, 2017 krisgets1 0

After much adventuring last weekend, I went for a super low-key weekend for this past one. On Saturday, I went to Orange Theory for the […]