10 Thing Friday

December 15, 2017 krisgets1 0

1. I can’t hear DMX’s version of “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” without smiling. It’s so oddly cheerful. Bless him for this. Mariah Carey better watch […]

Words for Nerds

December 14, 2017 krisgets1 0

First off, my friend Gretchen shared this wonderful video about how you can help people in need using Amazon Now. Socks, underwear, backpacks, and toiletries […]

WTF Wednesday

December 13, 2017 krisgets1 0

Woohoo Alabama! You may not be thrilled to have a Democrat in the seat, but your state deserves far better than Roy Moore representing you. […]

Royal Feelings

December 12, 2017 krisgets1 0

On Friday night we had our annual holiday party for our donors and some community members. Since I now supervise the office that plans all […]

Magnificent Men of Monday

December 11, 2017 krisgets1 0

As I mentioned last week, I finished Godless. In addition to a bunch of awesome actresses, it also stars Jack O’Connell who is finally looking like a grown […]

10 Thing Friday

December 8, 2017 krisgets1 0

1. “Meghan Markle Is Everything Ivanka Trump Wishes She Could Be.” AMEN. 2. I finished Godless last week and HOLY SHIT that ending. I need to watch […]

Onward, Ho

December 7, 2017 krisgets1 0

In September, I wrote about trying to fall back in love with running. It’s been a rocky relationship and we we took a break for […]

WTF Wednesday

December 6, 2017 krisgets1 0

Bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately, so when I overheard some professors talking about it recently, I decided to take advantage of their […]

Magnificent Men Monday

December 4, 2017 krisgets1 0

I am finally all caught up on Riverdale (THE DRAMA) and it’s nice to have good ol’ “chillest fella ever,” Luke Perry, back on the big […]