Marvelous Women Monday

March 5, 2018 krisgets1 0

In conversations with numerous folks via Instagram after the second season of The Crown, I realized that a lot of people do not know that Prince […]

10 Thing Friday

March 2, 2018 krisgets1 0

1. “The dress” was the beginning of “alternative facts” I still see light blue and dark gold (I’m told this is not a thing, but dark […]

WTF Wednesday

February 28, 2018 krisgets1 0

Jameela Jamil is one of the stars of The Good Place (which I greatly enjoy despite the fact that Kristin Bell’s emotions and extreme earnestness makes […]

Hate Skate

February 27, 2018 krisgets1 0

I was planning to go camping this weekend, but anxiety and tiredness got the better of me. I typically pack the weekend before I go […]

10 Thing Friday

February 23, 2018 krisgets1 0

1. If you haven’t seen Black Panther yet, then what are you doing with your life?? It is so wonderful, funny, and important. The stand out […]


February 22, 2018 krisgets1 0

I am not done talking about guns! Yay! To start with some humor, the best part of the gun control debate are all of the people […]

WTF Wednesday

February 21, 2018 krisgets1 0

Over the weekend I noticed several people posting responses to the Shaun White sexual harassment story along these lines: When I pointed out that I thought sticking […]

Magnificent Men of Monday

February 19, 2018 krisgets1 0

I watched Black Panther this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought in my life I would be enjoying movies based on comics as much as I have lately, […]

12 Thing Friday

February 16, 2018 krisgets1 0

1.”Why Can’t the U.S. Treat Gun Violence as a Public-Health Problem?” What if the people who are shouting that we have a mental health crisis […]