By the Bay

Last month, my mom, her sister, my cousin, and one of my mom’s close friends decided they were going to road trip out to California for a few days. We were supposed to go to Yosemite, but with the Ferguson Fire continuing to grow and the valley filled with smoke, we made other plans. I would like to add that I called Travel Yosemite the day our reservations were to begin (we kept hoping it would get better) and they cancelled completely refunded us without question. They normally have a seven day cancellation requirement, and I was surprised at how generous they were considering the park is still open. So, shout out to them for being awesome.

My aunt had never seen the Pacific Ocean, so we planned to meet in Monterey on Friday. We started Saturday with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and it was AWESOME.

I also saw garden eels for the first time and they were WEIRD.

Here’s a video of them I found online:


After the aquarium, we went on 17 Mile Drive which is so very pretty.

We drove back to Sacramento that evening, spent then night, then woke up early to go to Lake Tahoe before they started back to Texas. It did not occur to me at all that the smoke from the Ferguson Fire would make it that far north, but was super hazy at Lake Tahoe. I sure hope they can get that thing under control soon before it makes its way to the surrounding towns.

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