Break Shack

For part of my parents’ Christmas gifts, I arranged and paid for them to get TSA Pre-Check and bought tickets to see The Last Jedi. This was all arranged for last Wednesday with lunch planned at Shake Shack before going to the movie, then on to their Pre-Check appointments. I’ve had Pre-Check for a year, and even when the line is long, the convenience of not having to remove my shoes, take out my laptop, and fish out my bag of liquids saves me much anxiety. Worth every penny.

We went to the Shake Shack off south Lamar and parked in the garage next to the Alamo Drafthouse. As we were walking on the sidewalk out of the garage, there were a few sets of steps to go down to actually exit the garage. It was dark because it was a cloudy day and not well-lit in the area. The other stairs in the area have the white or yellow tape at the top to indicate that stairs exist but these stairs did not. My dad and I heard a strange noise behind us and turned to see that she had missed some steps and fallen face down. Thankfully, she didn’t hit her face or head, but she did break the radial head in her arm. It was awful and she was in a lot of pain.

On Thursday we took her back to Austin to see an orthopedic specialist who determined that she did not need surgery and wouldn’t need a cast. So, that was a huge relief despite it still being terribly painful. She felt good enough to spend Friday at my Mamaw’s visiting with family. On Saturday we got up bright and early to cook for our Christmas lunch, then headed out to Mamaw’s again for the day. She has two new kittens and they are SO SWEET. My cousin and I tried to steal them, but she gave us “the look” and we chickened out.

IMG 7230

IMG 7223We did our white elephant gift exchange and Mamaw ended up with a mermaid tail blanket. What 86 year old doesn’t want to be a sparkly mermaid whens she naps??

IMG 7254

Also, for those of you who have been reading for several years, her backseat passenger is not only a Santa now, but an all-American Santa. MAKE CHRISTMAS GREAT AGAIN.

IMG 7252

That thing gives me the creeps.

We typically get together with our friends on New Year’s Eve, but this year we just couldn’t get it worked out. We managed to see almost everyone beforehand, so that was lucky at least. Laura’s due date was yesterday and she didn’t want to travel out of San Antonio, so Sari and I drove down to hang out with her and Scott for the day. I still can’t believe she is about to have a baby.

We had a snack feast and made plans for our next trip to Napa. We planned to hang out until the evening, but a cold front came through and the drizzle was turning to ice, so we left after only a few hours. Stupid Texas weather, I DO NOT MISS YOUR ERRATIC BEHAVIOR. The windchill was -2* when we woke up yesterday morning. NO THANKS.

We spent New Year’s Day at home with my parents, then flew out of Austin late last night. I never have an easy time leaving, but I am so grateful that I got to be home for almost two full weeks. I totally love California, but it is just so far away from friends and family. It’s been wonderful and relaxing, and my pants hurt from all of the great food. A holiday success!

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