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On Sunday, we started out morning with donuts at Donut Star because what is the point of leaving town if you aren’t going to treat yourself? We went over to Balboa Park which was gorgeous. I did not see the outdoor organ or the Japanese Friendship Garden the last time I was in town, and both were a total delight.

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I need to spend more time in Japanese gardens and less time everywhere else. And there were so many flowers blooming everywhere. It was all so lovely.

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We were pretty hot from walking around for a few hours, so we decided we would try to do the zoo on Monday. We went to Donna Jean for lunch which is another vegan spot. Sari got “macaroni and trees” (macaroni with broccoli) and I got gnocchi in a non-dairy cream sauce. Both meals were fantastic.

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We decided to spend the rest of the day at the beach, and headed back to Windansea for the afternoon. I do not consider myself to be a beach person (in fact, I mostly would say I loathe the beach thanks to growing up with Texas beaches), but it ended up being a relaxing and fun way to spend the afternoon. Relaxing on vacation. What a foreign concept!

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I bought a swimsuit and decided I was going to swim, but the water was as cold as I feared and I barely made it in for a few minutes, but I did enter the ocean! Take that sharks and sea monsters!

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I wanted a crab sandwich from Point Loma Seafood for dinner, so we packed up just before sunset and headed south. It took less time than I expected to get my sandwich (the last time I went it was SUPER crowded), so we drove to Sunset Cliffs to watch the sunset.

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On Monday, we woke up early with a plan to go to the zoo, but Sari woke up with a cold, so Sari went back to sleep and I did some work on my laptop. We eventually made our way to Liberty Station where we had brunch at Breakfast Republic, then I enjoyed a flight at Stone Brewery before we went to the airport to fly back home.

I almost flaked so many times because it is such a busy time at work. Thankfully, one of my friends at work reminded me that work is always going to be busy, I am always going to feel behind, and no one is going to die if I do not get everything done this weekend. So, that was much appreciated because I needed a reality check. It was a wonderful long weekend and I am so glad we went. I am incredibly grateful that Sari wants to go places with me and that we have such fun together. I know that not everyone gets that kind of relationship with a sibling, and I do not take it for granted.

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