On Monday, we arrived in Banff around lunchtime. BANFF! I’ve been wanting to see Banff since I first realized in middle school that Legends of the Fall was filmed in the area and not in Montana. It was a cloudy and rainy day, but it was still gorgeous. Our first stop was at Lake Minnewanka. We ate some lunch while we enjoyed the spectacular view as the rain rolled in.

DSC 0019

We also stopped at Two Jack Lake.

IMG 1484

We drove around a bit, but worked our way toward our campsite at Lake Louise to get set up before the next round of rain rolled in.

DSC 0055DSC 0054DSC 0036DSC 0065

And we saw another bear about 20 feet from the car! He just popped up out of nowhere!

DSC 0059

After setting up camp, we drove to Johnston Canyon around 5:30 pm. The ranger said that the best time to see things was after 5 or before 8am, and since daylight lasted until 10:30 pm, we took a late hike. It was GORGEOUS and completely uncrowded. Even though it rained the entire hike, we hardly noticed because the canyon and the river were so beautiful.

DSC 0073

IMG 1632DSC 0081

IMG E1534DSC 0118
DSC 0121

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