July 18, 2019 krisgets1 0

The faculty member who was helping me in our office was hired to fill a recently vacated role in another area. It is a great […]

WTF Wednesday

July 17, 2019 krisgets1 0

There is so much f*ckery happening right now!!! How does one keep up with all the rage!?!? Sari and I watched the two-part documentary I […]

Marvelous Woman Monday

July 15, 2019 krisgets1 0

Despite being overshadowed by Frida Kahlo, María Izquierdo is one of the most important modern Mexican artists. María Cenobia Izquierdo Gutiérrez was born in 1902 […]

10 Thing Friday

July 12, 2019 krisgets1 0

1. Thank you again to those of you who wrote kind words or donated to our friends Natalie and Santiago who are currently fighting his […]

Patrick’s Point

July 11, 2019 krisgets1 0

I got a last minute spot at Agate Beach in Patrick’s Point State Park and it was SPECTACULAR. Each spot was secluded by the surrounding […]