A Construction Story

I did not do anything noteworthy this weekend as I focused on some stuff for work and my forever weekend top priority of napping as much as possible. I do not want a weekend that does not include time for naps.

Done and DONE.

In other news, we are nearing the end of our second month of surviving an apartment renovation which was has been a terrible inconvenience. In early June, they started removing the siding and insulation on our building which shook everything off our walls. It is now the day before August and that siding and insulation has not been replaced. This is SUPER FABULOUS for the over 100 degree heat that is just beating down upon our home (we are on the top floor in direct sunlight). Additionally, they have apparently opened the gates of spider hell because they are all over our apartment interior now which greatly upsets me. Also, Alan only meows at spiders, but does not feel compelled to kill them or run them off.

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Talk about not even bothering to earn your keep. I have lived in apartments undergoing renovations before and I have been quite surprised by how this one is going. The majority of the nails in our building been driven through the interior walls: 

There are numerous holes where someone got a bit too jolly with a hammer.

They only let us know the night before they removed the landing in front of our apartment which made it completely inaccessible for an entire day. And now they are replacing the windows which was supposed to happen last week (and yesterday), but keeps getting pushed back. All of this would be less of a big deal if we did not have to find somewhere for my sister’s dog to be while they do this work. And Alan is DONE with being trapped in the bathroom. I’m hiding the forms from him so he cannot file an official grievance.

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At this point, the worst thing has been that they nailed through our cable/internet cords (I do not know what these are actually called, so bear with me on this) that went through the wall, so now we cannot hook our modem up in the living room. It also means that the FireTV device I purchased for the SOLE PURPOSE of connecting it directly to a modem does not work. And now the internet has to be set up in my room which means it works like garbage in the rest of the house.

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So two months later we are still without siding and insulation, and all of the other things are still messed up. At this point you might be wondering why it is taking so long. LET ME TELL YOU. In June, I took the trash out which against my personally policy of never being responsible for garbage. As I was walking back to my building, I was intercepted by my neighbor who was outside in her pajamas with a sizable jug of wine in her hand (as one does at 10 am on a Saturday).

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She asked me if I had any problems with the construction. I showed her some pictures and shared some of our minor inconveniences. She patiently waited for me to finish, then told me that one of the construction workers had FALLEN THROUGH HER ROOF. He caught himself on a book case and managed to climb back up. This happened around 8 am and she and her kids were still sleeping. When she woke up, she went out into her living room to check on her teenage son who had fallen asleep on the couch. She found him covered in debris and saw the giant hole in her ceiling. She was pissed.

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I wanted to laugh that he had slept through the entire thing (TEENS!), but she was clearly not in the mood for that. No one had called her to tell her it had happened and no information was left on her door. When she poked her head out to talk to someone, she found that the landing in front of her apartment was gone (without warning), so she could not even exit her apartment.

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So, she just stood there an yelled until a construction worker ambled over. He said that they did not know anyone was home (and admitted they had not even knocked) and they would “try” to fix it that day. She went HAM on the apartment complex management, and they were able to eventually get out and go to a hotel for two days while the hole was fixed and her house cleaned. That was the last I heard about it because we left shortly after for vacation. When we returned, I was SHOCKED to see that no progress had been made at all on the construction.

Sari nosed around a bit and learned that she had called OSHA and claimed that there was asbestos. So, everything had to be shut down for weeks and over half of the crew had been fired. I was not happy. The construction work could have been better managed and things could have been fixed faster, but she cost people their jobs. I get that she is pissed and someone fell through her roof, but calling OSHA out of spite is crappy. And last week our apartment manager quit because she was sick of dealing with it which has been SO FUN. I just hope they get things fixed before spiders carry me off.

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