Taking a Break

February 28, 2019 krisgets1 0

I am going to have to take a couple of weeks off from here for work. We are preparing for our District Attorney to announce […]

WTF Wednesday

February 27, 2019 krisgets1 0

In depressing news, the war in Afghanistan has been going on for so long that the newest class of Marine recruits were not even alive […]

Spanx You Very Much

February 26, 2019 krisgets1 0

I worked most of the weekend, so nothing exciting to report again. I was quite proud of myself on Saturday because we had a work […]

Marvelous Woman Monday

February 25, 2019 krisgets1 0

Groundbreaking fashion-designer, Ann Lowe! You might not recognize her name, but I am sure many of you will recognize her most famous work: Few people […]