Ten Thing Friday

November 23, 2018 krisgets1 0

1. I am pretty much over The Romanoffs. The episode about the piano teacher and “false accusations” really pissed me off, especially considering the creator […]

Season of Thanks

November 22, 2018 krisgets1 0

As you know, there are a lot of people and animals suffering this holiday season. In California, there are thousands of people who are displaced […]

WTF Wednesday

November 21, 2018 krisgets1 0

For those of you heading into a potentially tumultuous Thanksgiving situation tomorrow, please enjoy this article: “How to Have a Conversation With Your Angry Uncle […]

Yer A Wizard, ‘Arry

November 20, 2018 krisgets1 0

Our campus is still closed this week due to the smoke pollution, so that’s been pretty wild. Thankfully, it is supposed to start raining tonight […]