Magnificent Men of Monday

February 19, 2018 krisgets1 0

I watched Black Panther this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought in my life I would be enjoying movies based on comics as much as I have lately, […]

12 Thing Friday

February 16, 2018 krisgets1 0

1.”Why Can’t the U.S. Treat Gun Violence as a Public-Health Problem?” What if the people who are shouting that we have a mental health crisis […]

Mini Fridge Mishap

February 15, 2018 krisgets1 0

I always appreciate a story of complete and total absurdity, so today I wish to share one with you from my little hometown that involves […]

WTF Wednesday

February 14, 2018 krisgets1 0

Idris Elba is engaged to an actual beauty queen, Sabrina Dhowre. Ugh. Congrats, I guess. Whatever. She’s not like super gorgeous or anything. Yes she […]