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I recently found out that someone I thought was 10 years older than me is actually two years younger than me. I was so flabbergasted that I had to leave the room to pull myself back together.

It really messed with my head because this is all likely a result of my own self-delusion about how old I look.

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Does the White Working Class Really Vote Against Its Own Interests?

In exchange for policies like the new tax bill, which several nonpartisan analyses conclude will lower taxes on the wealthy and raise them for the working class, did they really just settle for a wall that will likely never be built, a rebel yell for Confederate monuments most of them will never visit, and the hollow validation of a disappearing world in which white was up and brown and black were down?

This idea really speaks to something that I see to be true for a lot of people I know. They will tell me that they know the tax bill isn’t going to help them, they know they need ACA, they know they rely on other entitlement programs for survival, they know that we are accelerating climate change, and they hope their children will go to college one day. Despite that, they continue to vote for people who are supporting efforts to harm all of those things in exchange for the effort to maintain the status quo and potential financial gain (OIL AND GAS).

As someone told me when I was back home, he is fine if things don’t get better for him as long as they aren’t getting better for the “other people” (women, people of color, LGBT community, non-Christians…) at “his expense.” This is a person who gets insurance from ACA for $25 a month because his family has so little income. TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR INSURANCE and he is angry that other people get assistance from the government.

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I am NOT PLEASED that Dotard has announced plans to open the coastal waters of California to drilling. I THINK NOT. Have we not learned after what the BP oil spill did to the Gulf Coast??

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I know we are still heavily reliant on oil and gas, and I also understand that the livelihood of American families depend upon jobs in these sectors, but destroying our environment and endangering fragile ecosystems IS NOT WORTH IT. As with coal mining, I wish we would invest in training people in these industries for careers in more sustainable fields so that we can continue moving away from our dependence on oil, gas, and coal.

Of course, I recently had a conversation with a person from work who told me that she doesn’t give a shit about the environment because she will be dead in 40 years, has no children, and just wants to pay less taxes so she can buy a vacation home in Tahoe.

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And, finally, the real kick in the pants, racist piece of shit Joe Arpaio (pardoned by racist piece of shit President Dotard) has announced that he will run for Senate to replace Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona. I will be donating to Kyrsten Sinema who is running against him.

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