Best of 2017

December 30, 2017 krisgets1 0

138 recipes. 358 Instagram posts. 3 new products. 2 new eBooks. Needless to say, 2017 was a full and busy year for Minimalist Baker. Because […]

10 Thing Friday

December 29, 2017 krisgets1 0

1. The fourth season of Black Mirror is available on Netflix today!! I have to get back to the land of wifi to watch it, […]

Roasted Sunchoke Salad

December 29, 2017 krisgets1 0

Between all the holidays, I find myself gravitating towards lighter meals. Bring on all the greens and vegetables. This is especially helpful when visiting the […]

Just in Queso

December 27, 2017 krisgets1 0

This past week at home in Texas has been SO NICE. Even though we have been running around all over the place and cooking every […]