17 Ways to Use Up Cilantro and Parsley

Cilantro and parsley are always on my weekly grocery list. Spend a couple bucks and you have a cheap flavor boost for so many meals. I keep them stored in an airtight glass container with a damp tea towel and I’ve had my bunches last for a couple weeks. Even with my favorite storage technique, I still end up with herbs leftover week after week. This list is 17 different ways you can use up the bits and pieces.

One quick note. Anytime I’m blending/pureeing cilantro or parsley, I use them stems. It’s a perfect way to use the entire plant and if blended well, you won’t even notice.

Use Up Cilantro and Parsley


Olive Pesto Pasta

Parsley is my go-to for quick dressings and light sauces. I have many a people in my life that don’t eat cilantro, so I find myself working with parsley only more often than not. If you can, go for the flat-leaf parsley over the curly. The flat-leaf has better flavor (and I find it easier to work with in some of these sauces).



Spiced Sweet Potato Skewers with Cilantro Yogurt Sauce | Naturally Ella

I have future plans that when I have a yard, I’m going to grow an absurd amount of cilantro. It’s probably fairly apparent from the recipes on this site but I love cilantro. This is just the tip of how I use cilantro, but is great for the bits of leftover cilantro.


Cilantro + Parsley

Chimichurri Verde | Naturally Ella

You could only buy parsley or only buy cilantro but the duo is a powerhouse. I could smother chimichurri or chermoula on roasted/grilled vegetables everyday and never get bored. These sauces are the perfect way to use up the herbs and have a great start to your next week of meals.

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