10 Thing Friday

1. Meghan and Harry engagement photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are such a beautiful couple. I am a creepy level of excited.


Also, please appreciate the two comments I received from men who are “sick of this Hollywood feminist propaganda” because it’s a “cancer to us all.” In private messages on Facebook, of course, because they are too cowardly to share that shitty opinion on the public post. God forbid that we have a movie about WOMEN DOING FUN CRIME THINGS.

3. Despite my displeasure with the way Prince Philip was the focus of this season of The Crown, I do like him and his new portrait is stunning. I’m irritated with the person portrayed on the show, but not the actual man.

Image result for prince philip portrait

At 96, he still cuts quite the handsome figure. I can easily see why he caused a young Lilibet to swoon for so many years. He’s straight up dashing.

Related image

4. I bought the Movie Pass membership finally. I’ve only used it a few times, but the monthly membership fee is less than a single ticket around here. So, if I go to the theater just once a month, then I’ve already saved money! I am excited that it is finally Oscar season because the movies I want to see are rolling out!

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To use it, you just have to be within 100 yards of the theater to check in on the app. You can then show your actual card at the box office to get a ticket or use the code on your app to get it from the ticket kiosk. It works at all of the theaters I got to in my area. I was sure there was a catch, but other than only going to one standard format movie (no 3D or XD) per 24 hours, I can’t find one!

5. I really enjoyed the initial Discovery of Witches book, but I was not enthralled by the second and third books. Last week I saw an article that there is a TV show coming soon!

I LOVE Matthew Goode, but I hope he doesn’t get too deep into Christian Grey psycho territory. I have mixed feelings about Theresa Palmer, but that’s my fault. I always pictured Diana as late thirties, but apparently she’s in her early thirties. Theresa is 31, but she could easily pass for much younger. Oh well, I SHALL BE WATCHING.

6. Matthew Goode is CHRONICALLY underappreciated. CHRONICALLY. Just needed a reason to post his beautiful face again.

Image result for matthew goode gif downton abbey

7. This seems like a bit more fancy than I am capable of, but it is darn pretty.

Snowflake Pull-Apart Monkey Bread | halfbakedharvest.com @hbharvest

8. I watched Ingrid Goes West recently and whoa. It’s a horror movie that is making fun of us. Aubrey Plaza is brilliant in a dark and sad way, and Ashley Olsen is the perfect representation of the person I can’t stand but also can’t stop following. IT CANNOT ALL BE THE BEST (but still tell me about it okay?). Anyway, it’s outstanding and deeply sad.

Additionally, O’Shea Jackson is in it and he is VERY CUTE and super charming.

Image result for o'shea jackson gif ingrid goes west

9. “A Holiday Open Letter to Ellen Griswold: The Season’s Most Tragic Figure.” Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite movies, but if I had to be married to Clark Griswold, then I would be serving a life sentence in prison for murder. And I would feel good about it.


10. Also, Meghan Markle is spending the weekend with the royal family at Sandringham!!!!!!!!!!!! She is also supposed to be joining them for the church service on Christmas Days which means MORE PICTURES!! Ugh, I’m such a creep. Whatever, I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY JOY. Also, please give us some new pics of Prince George being a sassy mcgrumperson to some peasants. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US.

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